The 5 Best Cloth Diapers Made in USA

Parents looking to cut costs and use only American-made products often find themselves in a bit of a conundrum. Why? Because most of the more affordable alternatives are imported from other countries and not made in USA.

But while this is true for most children’s products, there are a couple of USA-made alternatives that are more reasonably priced.

Here are our 4 favourites. If you want an extra alternative keep on reading.

Product Name Features Our Rating
BumGenius Freetime All-in-One Cloth Diaper
– Patented butterfly closure system
– Patent-pending leak-proof outer cover and adjustable snap system
– One size
4.4/5 (548 reviews)
OsoCozy – Prefolds Unbleached Cloth Diapers
Durable and natural diapers
– For babies between 7-15 lbs
– 4x8x4, with the middle panel having eight layers of absorbency and outer panels with four layers
– Made of unbleached Indian cotton
4.6/5 (1 088 reviews)
Thirsties All-in-One Cloth Diapers
– 12 patterns to choose from
– Made of 100% polyester with waterproof coating on the outside
– Inside made of 100% polyester – Absorbency microfiber terry topped with stay dry microfleece lining
– Made in the USA
– Super affordable
4.2/5 (205 reviews)
Imagine 2.0 All-in-Two Cloth Diaper
– Suitable for babies weighing 8 to 35+ lbs
– Made of soft, waterproof PUL
4.7/5 (3 reviews)

Below, you’ll find the 5 best cloth diapers in USA that are budget-friendly.

1.   BumGenius Freetime All-in-One Cloth Diaper

One of the biggest gripes with cloth diapers is their fit. However, thanks to its patented butterfly closure system, the BumGenius Freetime All-in-One Cloth Diaper is capable of staying put without compromising the comfort and the snugness of the fit.

In addition to this, the patent-pending leak-proof outer cover and adjustable snap system guarantee zero leaks and when they do need to be changed, that the grandparents or the people over at the daycare will know how to do it properly and securely even though they have little to no experience with it.

Not to mention, because these diapers are adjustable, they’ll grow with your baby. This means that you can stock up on them after your first purchase and be set for years.


  • Patented butterfly closure system
  • Patent-pending leak-proof outer cover and adjustable snap system
  • Convenient


  • Bulky

2.   OsoCozy – Prefolds Unbleached Cloth Diapers

If you’re okay with jumping over a couple of hoops, prefolds are arguably the most economical choice when it comes to cloth diapers, and none do it better than the OsoCozy Prefolds.

These prefolds are made out of 100% unbleached Indian cotton for superior softness and it is then wrapped in a lint-free thick gauze weave to add strength without compromising comfort. Because of this, it has as many as eight layers of absorbency that minimize if not totally prevents leaks when worn properly.

In addition to being one of the best cloth diapers, because it is a prefold, and also because of its materials, the OsoCozy Prefolds work great as an alternative burp rag and for catching water overflow when giving your little one a bath.

Basically, what we’re trying to say here is that this isn’t just a cloth diaper, your imagination is the limit to how you can use this.

The OsoCozy Prefolds is available in bleached cotton and 100% unbleached. We recommend the latter because they’re bigger, more absorbent, and a whole lot softer. They’re also better at hiding stains.


  • Easy to clean
  • Economical
  • Can be used as a cloth diaper and for cleaning up after the baby
  • Extremely durable


  • Changing diapers is a lot more difficult with a prefold
  • You’ll need to purchase additional waterproof covers and fasteners

3.   Thirsties All-in-One Cloth Diapers

Not everyone who wants to use cloth diapers are willing to deal with the hassle that it comes with. Thankfully, there are alternatives that are like disposable diapers, but aren’t necessarily disposable.

A good example of this is the Thirsties All-in-One Cloth Diapers.

No, you don’t necessarily just throw them away after one use. Instead, they mimic disposable diapers in that there’s no inserts or liners anymore. All you need to do is to put them on your little one, and that’s it.

If you’re worried that it won’t be able to do as effective of a job, then don’t. Although the lack of  stuffing is a valid point of concern, these all-in-one cloth diapers come with four layers of absorbent microfiber terry to prevent leaks and messes, especially at night.

Although expensive, parents who don’t want to deal with stuffings and liners will find all-in-one diapers more convenient.

If you’re one of those parents, then the Thirsties All-in-One Cloth Diapers are for you.


  • No more stuffing and liners needed
  • Very easy to put on
  • Attractive, great-looking patterns with clean designs


  • More expensive compared to other types of cloth diapers

4.   Imagine 2.0 All-in-Two Cloth Diaper

Using a hybrid system, the Imagine 2.0 All-in-Two Cloth Diaper is extremely convenient.

For one, you enjoy the benefits of having an all-in-one cloth diaper. This is because you don’t always need to change both the cloth diaper itself and the insert. In cases where there is no leakage or mess onto the cover, or even if there is minimal leakage, all you need to do is just wipe it clean, put on a new insert, and that’s it.

This comes in especially handy because the Imagine 2.0 uses a velcro system. This means that the inevitable wear and tear can affect the velcro eventually. But, because you can use the shell many times before having to wash it, you won’t have to worry about damaging it soon.

Convenient to use, especially for caregivers in daycare centers and for the occasional overnight stays with the grandparents, the Imagine 2.0 is definitely one of the best diapers made in USA.

As an added bonus, it comes in plenty of adorable gender-neutral print designs.


  • Available in all kinds of adorable gender neutral-print designs
  • Convenient all-in-two system
  • One diaper plus a pack of inserts is essentially equal to multiple diapers


  • Inserts are sold separately

5.   Blueberry Daytime Trainers

For parents who want to slowly ease their little ones into potty training, the Blueberry Daytime Trainers are a good choice.

These pull-up style undies can hold and absorb most small leaks while also letting your toddler know that they’ve just wet themselves. Although this might feel like an unnecessary step, keep in mind that these undies might make the difference between having to deal with wet puddles on your floor all the time and a simple change in underwear.

Not all parents will see the benefit of this, but for those that do, this is heaven-sent.


  • Perfect for easing the transition from baby cloth diapers to grown-up underwear
  • Gives toddlers a sense that they’ve “grown up†already
  • Extremely absorbent for training pants


  • Bulky
  • Pilling is expected if used for a long time

Final Thoughts

Perhaps more difficult than finding the best cloth diapers made in USA is looking for the right cloth diaper system that works for you and your little one best.

We recommend that you try out a couple of different styles first before you settle for one.

It’s not unusual for parents to build their “stash†using a mixture of different cloth diapers from multiple brands and for a variety of situations. Also, don’t feel bad about using disposable diapers. In fact, we do recommend keeping a couple on hand, especially if you’re still easing your way into the system.

With that said, we’re confident, that with a little bit of research and through our guide, you’ll find the right system for you and your little one.