Best Strollers Not Made in China

Choosing the best stroller can be hard and there is no single list or guide that fits everyone’s needs.

If you’re not sure how to make the best choice, follow the list below.

When shopping for a baby stroller, you want to make sure that the stroller can hold a large enough car seat for the infant. Some of the smaller car seats cannot be put in front of other seats or in the middle, so if you do plan on using a stroller, make sure to research the seats that it will hold.

In most cases, you want a large wheeled stroller with a sturdy frame. You also want it to be easy to push or lean back to load the car seat into.

There are a few strollers on the market that are designed for carrying a car seat as well, but the majority of strollers have a maximum weight limit of 30 pounds. The brand name, make, and model of the stroller will indicate how big the stroller can be.

1. Demi Grow Bassinet

  • Best for: Ages 6-24 months
  • Fits: Up to 35-80 pounds
  • Price: $179.99

Why is the Demi Grow Bassinet the best?

Demi Grow’s bassinet is perfect for parents of young babies who are expecting to get back to a work schedule.

This stroller is designed to fit both infants and toddlers, so it won’t break down or need to be replaced anytime soon.

In fact, this stroller can hold a car seat and an additional child.

Demi Grow says their bassinet can be stored in the car with your infant seat, so you will always have the convenience of being able to find the bassinet as you’re going through the airport or running errands.

The company recommends using the bassinet until your child reaches 20 pounds, but the seat itself can hold the weight of an infant, and it is generally recommended to use the seat until your child is 2 years old.

2. Evenflo Aero Ultra-Lightweight Stroller

  • Best for 8-15 pounds
  • Fits: Up to 40-80 pounds
  • Price: $259.99

Why is the Evenflo Aero Ultra-Lightweight Stroller the best?

Evenflo has a range of strollers available that are designed to hold a child up to 15 pounds. Some of the strollers in their Stroller Proline are strollers designed for older children, while others are just the right size for an infant.

The Evenflo Aero Ultra-Lightweight Stroller is the best option for parents who want a stroller that can hold a child up to 15 pounds.

Evenflo claims that the stroller is suitable for sleeping, as it can accommodate car seats from Graco and a variety of other brands.

Evenflo also claims that the stroller is easily adaptable, as parents can add wheels to transform the stroller into a jogging stroller.

3. Bugaboo Sleep Connect Stroller

  • Best for: From newborn to 45 pounds
  • Fits: Up to 45 pounds
  • Price: $339.99

Why is the Bugaboo Sleep Connect Stroller the best?

This is a highly-regarded stroller by customers and reviewers. The Bugaboo Sleep Connect Stroller comes with a variety of accessories, including the car seat, a stroller cover, and various accessories that you can use to customize the stroller.

The stroller can be quickly removed from the car seat to transform into a jogger, to use as a camping stroller, or to convert back into a stroller again.

This is also a stroller that is designed for a baby that is going to grow into a toddler.

The seat can be adjusted up to 45 pounds, and the seat base can support a child who is up to 50 pounds.

4. Graco Nautilus Elite 25-pound Folding Stroller

  • Best for: Up to 100 pounds
  • Fits: 8-25 pounds
  • Price: $179.99

Why is the Graco Nautilus Elite 25-pound Folding Stroller the best?

This stroller is perfect for parents who want a stroller that can hold their child up to 100 pounds.

It is designed to hold all of your child’s essentials, such as a car seat, a high chair, and an additional child. The car seat can also be adjusted in height and reclined.

The stroller has four wheels so it will maneuver around uneven terrain. The stroller also has the optional child seat insert, so you can choose to use it for children up to 100 pounds, but the base can support a child up to 35 pounds.

This stroller is also a great option for parents who will be traveling with their child, as it can fit all of your luggage and luggage for your child.


These are our top picks for the best strollers. Some are available on Amazon, so browse the list, and find the perfect stroller for your family.

While there are plenty of great options out there, we believe that the following strollers can accommodate most infants and older children and still meet your budget.

While all of these strollers can do everything a bigger stroller can do, parents should be careful when choosing the right size for their child and their lifestyle. Do you need something light enough to hold your infant, but heavy enough to get you around town?

Some strollers are designed to fit in the car, while others are designed to be used on the back of a motorcycle or on a bike rack. These models can be big, but they also come with many accessories, like carrying straps, that will make them perfect for long trips.

The best stroller for your baby is often based on your budget and how old your child is. It is also likely that there is more than one type of stroller that works best for your family.

Be sure to consider the specific features that you and your child will use most often before settling on one stroller.

So read through our top picks carefully, and you should find one that will last you a long time. With a little research, you can find a great stroller for your family, and it will make your life a little bit easier!