Lipsticks Not Made In China

Do you want to know how to choose quality lipstick?  First ask yourself, “What am I looking for in the perfect lipstick?” Lipstick can be broken down into three major categories: traditional (containing wax), oil-based (with wax and oil), and water-resistant (waterproof).

Traditional lipsticks

Traditional lipsticks typically contain beeswax, which coats the lips and gives them a moisturized feeling.  They also often contain castor oil that enhances color and shine.

Lanolin is another common ingredient in traditional lipstick that helps increase moisture; however, it can also coat the lips, making them appear matte and less vibrant (for this reason, translucent lipsticks are becoming more popular among consumers).

Oil-based lipsticks

Oil-based lipsticks typically contain beeswax and non-polar oils such as castor, mineral, or jojoba oil.  Similar to traditional lipsticks, they also contain lanolin for added moisture.

Oil-based lipsticks are long-lasting because it is difficult for water to penetrate the resin.

Water-resistant lipsticks

Water-resistant lipsticks are made up of wax, non-polar oils (similar to oil-based lipsticks), resin, and pigments.  Also similar to oil-based lipsticks is the inclusion of lanolin in water-resistant varieties.

What are some pros and cons for choosing traditional vs. oil-based vs. water-resistant lipstick?

Generally, traditional lipsticks (with the inclusion of oil and wax) give lips a moist and dewy look, whereas water-resistant lipsticks (containing wax and resin)  tend to be more matte.

Oil-based lipsticks offer the most moisture but can make lips appear less vibrant; meanwhile, those with non-polar oils (such as jojoba and mineral oil) tend to look more vibrant.

In addition, you need to ask yourself “what look am I going for?”. ~~Different formulations will give you different results. For example, long-lasting lipsticks tend to appear matte and opaque while sheer formula tends to be shiny and ultra sheer. The key is knowing what finish you want before choosing a particular lipstick.

What gives lipstick is color?

The color of lipstick comes from dyes and pigments. Dyes are liquid colorants, usually, aniline-based dyes used to color waxes and oils to form the final product. The pigment is a finely milled mineral-based powder that forms a visible deposit on your lips.  

What ingredients give lipstick its texture?

The texture of the lipstick is created by mixing together waxes, oils, and binders. The color stays in the mix until you apply it to your lips. After application, the moisture from your lip seeps into the wax-based mix causing it to melt slightly and adhere to the skin.

This particular mixture also allows colors to appear more vibrant and last longer.  The melting point of lipstick is also important because if it melts too quickly, it will feel greasy on your lips but if it’s too hard, it will be extremely difficult to apply.

Factors to Consider When Choosing Your Perfect Lipstick

1) Texture/Feel – how will the texture of the lipstick feel on your lips? ~~While traditional lipsticks tend to offer more shine and sheer, oil based formulas have a matte appearance.

2) Pigment Strength – strong pigments typically contain higher concentrations of dye and have a higher ability to resist fading. In order to maintain the pigmentation, matte lipsticks typically contain more pigment than sheer formulas.

3) Coverage – If you would like full coverage, opt for a traditional or oil-based formula while sheer lipsticks will give you a translucent finish.

4) Color – If you are seeking a particular color, it is important to remember that different brands have their own unique formulations. For example, some lipsticks are packed with more pigment for maximum color intensity while others use pigments with less dye in order to maintain the integrity of the formula.

5) Longevity – Finally, you might ask yourself “How long will the color last?” The truth is, there are so many different formulations that it can be difficult to predict how long a lipstick will last.

Best Lipstick not made in China

Lipsticks come in so many varieties and colors it’s easy to get overwhelmed. Below are some great brand choices that are high quality and most importantly not made in china.


COVERGIRL, a cosmetics category leader, celebrates authenticity, diversity and self-expression through makeup. Born in 1961, COVERGIRL offers accessible, affordable, and inclusive makeup for everyone. Through the years, COVERGIRL has partnered with a number of inspirational, barrier-breaking, and diverse women as the faces of the brand. In 2018, COVERGIRL became the largest makeup brand to be Leaping Bunny Certified by Cruelty-Free International, which means all of our products are certified cruelty free, no matter where we are sold.

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With more than 40 years of pioneering scientific research heritage, L’Oréal Paris is proud to offer a stringent selection of the most advanced beauty care with proven efficacy and safety to its consumers.

We have not tested any of our products or ingredients on animals since 1989, 14 years before required by regulations. This commitment to developing alternative safety tests has become an integral part of the scientific expertise of the L’Oréal Paris Laboratories ever since.

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Revlon, and all of the brands within its beauty portfolio, are committed to ethical and responsible sourcing practices aligned with international standards and protocols for human rights, worker rights, environmental and human health and safety. In support of this commitment, Revlon has enhanced its responsible and ethical sourcing practices to better address the risks and challenges in an increasingly complex global supply chain.

In 2017, we enhanced our Third Party Code of Conduct program to align our suppliers with the ethical standards that guide the way we operate, established a process for identifying and prioritizing sourcing risk, monitoring for compliance and developing corrective action plans, where necessary.

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