Best 11 Made in America Christmas Gifts for 2020

The holiday season is upon us. And what better way to celebrate than to source some amazing artisanal gifts made in the good old US of A.

We’ve got it all: gifts for men and women, children, the environmentally friendly, family owned businesses, and much more. All made in America.

So let’s kick it off. Here are our 11 favorite made in the USA gifts for the holiday season:

Product Features For: Price
The Classic Everyday Leather Bealt
– Buckle Closure
– Made of Heavy Duty Full Grain Leather
– Lifetime Warranty
Walnut Wood Cutting Board
– Made of Walnut Wood
– Cutting Board + Sorting Compartments
– W/ Juice Grooves
Rosie the Riveter- Cast Iron Skillet 10.25â€
– Various Sizes: From 3” to 15”
– Celebrates 100 years of Women’s Voting Rights
– Seasoned with Oil
Slim Full Grain Leather Wallet
– Made of Full Grain Leather
– 4 Slots
– Handmade in the USA
Rada Cutlery 7 Knife Gift Set
– Made of Stainless Steel
– With Brushed Alumnimum Handles
– 7 Knifes Included
Sea Salt Suds- Gift Set of 6 Extra Large Bath Bombs
– 6 Different Salt Bomb Scents Included
– Made in the USA
Candle Universe Jar Candle- Vanilla Peppermint Snow
– 6 to 8 Hours of Candle
– 3 Scents Available
– 12oz Jar
Planet E Reusable Tote Bags
– 4 Reusable Tote Bags
– Made Of Organic Canvas
– Sourced from North Carolina
My First Wooden Block Set- 21 Pieces
– For Ages 1 and Up
– Made Of Maple Wood
– Made in Vermont
Alex Brands Slinky
– For Ages 2 and Up
– Made in the USA

Made In USA Gifts for Him

#1- The Classic Leather Everyday Belt

You can’t go wrong with a leather belt. Every man should own at least one and it will stay with him for years and years. Particulatly if its made in the USA, as is the case with this item, made by Main Street Forge.

The producers are so confident in the quality of their leather, that this item comes with a lifetime warranty.

It’s made of heavy duty full grain leather and comes with a roller buckle, that helps conserve the leather.

There are two colors available: Brown (with black buckle), and Black (with black buckle).

And of course, its made in America.

#2 Walnut Wood Cutting Board

Even if the men in your life aren’t chefs, they’ll appreciate this alfred cutting board.

It serves a double purpose- On one side it’s a cutting board, on the other it serves as a tray. It’s the perfect way to serve snacks for that big football game.

The dimensions are as follows:


In addition to the compartments, it comes with a juice groove at the edges to catch any excess liquid.

This cutting board is made by a small business based out of L.A called Sonder, and they offer a one year warranty on this product.

It also comes with a gift box.

#3- Rosie the Riveter- Cast Iron Skillet 10.25”

There’s nothing manlier than celebrating women’s right. In this case, the year 2020 marks 100 years of the  19th amendment which gave women’s right to vote and this iron skillet is the perfect way to commemorate the date.

Any experienced chef will tell you that cooking meat with a cast iron skillet makes a huge different and we all know that the best quality cast iron skillets are made right here in the USA.

This product is made by Lodge and comes in various sizes ranging from 3.5” to 15” and can include a silicon handle holder.

#4- Slim Full Grain Leather Wallet

The average men will own at least a few dozens of wallets throughout his life. It’s time to stop being the average men and get a full grain leather wallet. This thing will last decades and does a great job of protecting your cards and cash.

This Vera forma handworks wallet is proudly handmade in the USA and features 4 different card slots, with varying sizes.

They use high quality fulll-grain leather only and is small enough to fit on the front and back pockets of your trousers.

#5- Rada Cutlery 7 Knife Gift Set

Returning to our cooking theme, we highly recommend checking out this stainless steele knife set.

Every men loves a good set of knives, and this gift set is one of the best american made knife sets you can get.

As is usual with american made products, it comes with a lifetime warranty due to both material defects and workmanship issues.

Rada Cutlery, the makers of this set, are based in Waverly, Iowa and used permanently cast silver brushed aluminum with a satin finish for the handles. Stainless steel was used for the blades.

The set includes:

  • The Regular Paring,
  • Vegetable Peeler,
  • Tomato Slicer,
  • Super Parer,
  • 6 inch Bread Knife,
  • Cook’s Knife
  • Slicer knife.

Made in USA Gifts for Her

#1 Sea Salt Suds- Gift Set of 6 Extra Large Bath Bombs

Salt bombs are all the rage now, and you don’t need to go looking abroad for the very best ones. Sea Salt Suds makes high quality salt bombs by hand right here in the USA.

This pack contains 6 different scents:

  • Hawaiian Rain
  • Ocean Mist
  • Sun-kissed
  • Twisted Mermaid
  • Beach Bum
  • Seaside Sangria

Support a family owned, handmade, American manufacturer today with this gift set!

#2- Candle Universe Jar Candle- Vanilla Peppermint Snow

Another great way to relax is to purchase a set of scented candles. There are numerous studies that indicate a strong effect of aromatherapy in anxiety, stress, and well-being and it’s a great way to make your house more comfortable and insect-free.

Candle Universe makes these great looking jar candles that come in 3 scents: Vanilla Peppermint Snow, Fresh Balsam Pine, and Apple Cinnammon Celebration.

Each candle should burn for at least 60 to 75 hours and contains 12oz of candle.

#3- Planet E Reusable Tote Bags

What if we told you that this christmas you can both support American businesses and do your part in protecting our planet?

With this set of 4 reusable tote bags, you’ll no longer need plastic bags to go shopping. The bags are made of organic canvas from North Carolina and the whole thing is made in the USA, with USA components,

Plus, they look really cool!

Here are the dimensions: 15.35″Lx15″Hx4.35″W

Made in USA gifts for Children:

Finally, we get to the children. They might still be too young to appreciate the benefits of sourcing american made products, but when they become adults, they’ll be proud to know they grew up playing with american toys.

We’ve written about american made children toys before, so feel free to check out this article for more ideas.

#1- My First Wooden Block Set- 21 Pieces

The perfect gifts for children 1 year and older. This wooden block set is made of maple rather than rubber wood- the wood used by most chinese made products, which makes it safer and more durable. There are 8 different shape contained in the set which is made from New England hard maple (made in Vermont).

#2- Alex Brands Slinky

Everybody loves a good slinky. It’s a timeless toy enjoyed by both children and adults. Well, some adults at least.

Alex brands produces a high quality slinky at a great price, in the USA.

#3- Natural Shape Stacker

Another great toy by Maple Landmark is their natural shape stacker. Once again, it’s made from New England Maple and assembled in Vermont.

This particular model is more appropriate for older kids- Aged 2 years and up.

It includes 6 shapes with lase engraved details.

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