March 2021

  • UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson praises members of parliament who were ‘banned’ by the Chinese government for ‘shining a light on gross human rights violations’.

  • Clothing brand H&M became the target of Chinese celebrities, politicians and consumer boycotts after H&M stopped using cotton made with forced labour.

  • After the EU, US and others imposed sanctions on a handful of Chinese politicians involved in Uighur forced labour, China retaliated with larger and broader sanctions against EU and other politicians.

  • The World Health Organisation’s Director General severely criticized the inconclusive findings of the WHO investigation team sent to Wuhan which were seemingly denied full access to data.

  • The US and UK condemned China’s anti democratic activities in Hong Kong saying it violates previous agreements.

  • China’s non-interference with its ally Myanmar may be backfiring.

  • The US and Japan condemn China’s activities in Myanmar as ‘destabilizing behavior’.

  • Hundreds of Chinese ships arrive at another Philippine island after a spate of islands were taken and militarized by China.

  • China and Russia agree to create a joint lunar space station.