China produces more pollution every year than the United States, European Union and India combined. Even on a per-capita basis, Chinese pollution is 10% higher than Europe’s

Image Source: European Space Agency, COVID-19, Nitrogen Dioxide Over China

Of the 10 worst polluted rivers in the world, which contribute 90% of the plastic which ends up in the ocean, 6 of them are located in China.

Heavy pollution of underground water requires immediate actions ...
Image Source: ChinaDaily.com

These plastics, gases and other pollutants then travel the world, meaning that the pollution which is created in China is shared by everyone.

The lack of environmental standards in China and their need to create low cost (and often low quality) products means that any product you buy from China has a significant contribution to global pollution. While it might be out of sight, it is not out of mind.

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In 2007 the World Bank estimated that 460,000 people died in China as a result of pollution, and the Chinese government quickly stopped the publication of that report. Thirteen years later in 2020, do you think that things have improved, or gotten worse?

If you want to help stop global pollution then you need to stop buying things which are made in China.

Asian countries such as Japan, Korea and Taiwan have far higher environmental standards and make excellent products, and of course the United States and European Union.

Consider that every time you think you are saving money buying from China, the money you are saving comes in part as a direct result of lower environmental standards and actually you are contributing to global pollution.

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