Sporting Goods Made in the USA

There is nowhere in the world that can create amazing sporting goods products like those created right here in America. 

Today more than ever we need to support local, and lucky for us most USA-produced goods are made with integrity and quality.

That we only shop for homemade products, even when looking for sporting goods.

From soccer nets and footballs to hunting gear and tents, we have found some of the best quality 100% American made product, sporting good stores.  Let us take a look at who made our list.

First Team

Are you a sports nut? Do you have a child who plays soccer, or do you and your friends get a little over-enthusiastic during Back yard football games during summer BBQs? Then this is the store for you.

Opening their business in 1996, the First team originated in the founder’s basement and storage shed before growing to the company it is today.

Now with over 1000 dealers nationwide, it is a popular and successful company that will only deal with products that are 100% made in the USA.

What they sell

  • Basketball: nets, rims, backboards, scoring equipment, safety padding
  • Soccer: goals, flags, anchoring for goals
  • Volleyball: nets, ball carrier, drill cart, judges stand, padding
  • Football: Goalposts, goal pads, flags, markers
  • Lacross: goals, nets
  • Tennis and pickleball sets
  • Bleachers for players and spectator seating


  • They stay local to provide jobs in the American economy
  • They offer easy communication and fast shipping
  • They offer 100% back guarantees on all their products
  • Very knowledgeable about their products


  • None

Made in USA Forever

If you are an outdoor enthusiast who loves to fish or hike, this shop is bound to have what you are looking for.

They offer a long range of outdoor needs like hiking backpacks, first aid kits, water bottles, and more. Like baseball? You should see their line of made in USA bats. How about an afternoon of fishing with a beautifully born in America rod? They offer that too.

Made in USA Forever was disappointed with big businesses making it difficult to shop for USA only products so they decided to do something about it.

With their wide variety of goods coming straight from USA suppliers all across the country, you are not helping this company, but many other locally owned American made companies as well.

You can purchase these items from their online store or their Shopify page.

What They Sell:

  • Camping/Hiking: Bags, backpacks, canoe/camping chairs, walking sticks, gloves, First aid kits,
  • Sporting equipment: pool cues, ski poles, lacrosse sticks, baseball bats, snowshoes
  • Apparel: winter hats, baseball caps, gloves, face mask


  • Approved by the BBB
  • The support small family-owned businesses
  • Very educated on the products they sell
  • Known for amazing customer service
  • Great products for affordable prices


  • Few products for each category


Nokona’s leather crafting company was started in 1926, they geared more towards sporting goods in 1936. Never wavering from sticking to American made goods.

Although known for their baseball gloves and accessories, you can purchase a lot of other well crafted sporting goods apparel here.

Nokona has a wide variety of handcrafted leather goods that would hold up great on the field, or win you props when you give it as a gift.

Nokona is not only great at what they do, but they are also famous. Replicas made of Nokonas vintage gloves were worn in the movies Field of Dreams, and A League of their Own.

They were also at one point contacted by the famous Spalding and Worth, to create their top quality gloves for them.

If we couldn’t boast about them anymore, this company is also a large sponsor in the ” Play Catch Movement.This is a movement created by Rhett Grametbauer, to provide equipment, guidance, and partners to any child that wants to play ball.

What They Sell

  • Baseball needs: Gloves, bats, show belts, and glove care items
  • Golf needs: Leather show belts for men and woman
  • Apparel: Baseball caps, leather shoes or boots, face masks
  • Accessories: Charm bracelets, leather dog collars, and leashes. Leather scented candles, and books
  • They also offer glove repairs


  • They have been around for a long time
  • 1942 Nokona provided baseball gloves to servicemen
  • They offer tours of their company
  • They are a sponsor of the “Play Catch Movementâ€


  • Mainly baseball equipment

Made in America

This company proudly advertises itself as “rebuilding the dream†100% made in American products. This store contains a lot of USA made only products, and much of it is sporting goods related.

Made in America opened its first store in 2010, in hopes of creating a market to help get local products sold right out of their doors.

The founder stands firmly by his motto “For Country, For Soldier, For American Worker and For Our Children’s Future”. And continues to sell USA only products from the continuously expanding business.

What they sell

  • Camping and hiking: grills, beverage buddies, woodchips, log splitters, tree stand cushions, work gloves, fire starters
  • Sports: can jam kits, frisbee golf, back yard footballs, soccer balls, boomerangs
  • Hunting and fishing: safety vests, ammo, game/duck calls, gun cleaning items, license holders, slingshots, fish grips


  • They honor active duty servicemen and woman and veterans with discounts
  • The founder is to this day passionate about keeping America made products on his shelves and available to other retailers countrywide.
  • They offer a hospitality tour, allowing shopping on 1 floor then dining on another.(showcasing the largest privately-owned mural of the U.S. Constitution on display)
  • They offer a wide range of goods


  • None

Our Conclusion:

So many large companies these days are outsourcing American jobs in order to save a few bucks.

Unfortunately, that leaves us scouring the market when shopping for sporting goods that are only American-made. Luckily we still have a few great stores out there willing to put in the work and effort to keep our country moving forward.

That’s why we proudly recommend these businesses to our patriotic readers.