The Best American Made Flannel Shirts

Flannel shirts are notorious for their comfort and unaging style. They’ve been around, literally, for decades. However, it was in the 1990s when wearing a flannel shirt really started becoming quite popular.

Shirt Brand Features Made In: Price
Bodum Chambord French Press Coffee Maker, 1 Liter, 34 Ounce, Chrome
– Made of 100% Cotton Twill
– 2 flap pockets
– Button-adjustable cuffs
Seattle, USA
Schaefer Outfitters Pioneer Shirt
– Made of Brushed Cotton Flannel
– 2 flap pockets
– Button-adjustable cuffs
Pendleton Trail Shirt
– Made of Wool
– 1 front pockets
– Button-adjustable cuffs
– Ultrasuede elbow patches
Oregon, USA
Pendleton Classic Fit Board Wool Shirt
– Made of Wool
– 2 front pockets
– Button-adjustable cuffs
Oregon, USA
Flat Creek Tech Flannel by Orvis
– Sustainable Materials: Recycled oyster shells and PET polyester blended with cotton and spandex
– 2 front pockets
– Button-adjustable cuffs
USA (tbc)

These days, you could argue that flannel shirts for men and women are just as popular, and why wouldn’t they be? They’re as close as we can get to the “perfect” everyday clothing

In addition to their comfort and style, they’re quite handy. Men and women could literally wear them every day to work and not worry about anyone ribbing them for their look. Not to mention, they make for an excellent backup when you need a quick change of clothes.

They are also rugged and warm and can last a long time, especially if they are made in the U.S.A.

Flannel shirts might look big in size at first glance, but, you can fold them neatly inside your backpack.

This way, you can pull them out anytime you need something “better†than what you’re already wearing.

With that said, due to its popularity, the search for the best American made flannel shirts for men and women has become difficult.

More and more manufacturers have decided to outsource the production of their flannel to other countries. The result? The quality of their products has gone down considerably. They might not have been perfect, but many no longer last as long as they did. But, even if that’s true for some manufacturers, there are still a couple who choose to stay in the United States, for one reason or another.

If you’re curious to see which flannel shirts are still shipping from and made in the USA, be sure to scroll down.

Below, you’ll find some of the best American made flannel shirts that you can shop for and buy today.

1.  Gitman Vintage Men’s Classic Flannel

Nothing says traditional American shirts quite like the Classic Men’s Flannel by Gitman Vintage.

When it comes to American clothes manufacturers, only a few have as rich of heritage as Gitman Bros. There are even fewer who continue to manufacture their clothes in the US to this day.

As such, Gitman Vintage, which is a division that Gitman Bros. started in 2009, is a good start as far as flannel shirts go.

Mind you, heritage and history aren’t the only reasons why their Classic Flannel is one of the best American made flannel shirts.

The Classic Flannel is made out of 100% cotton with a 100% cotton shell and a lightweight, non-stretch flannel fabric, which makes it perfect for the American weather.

More importantly, Gitman continues to use the same age-old techniques that shirtmakers have used to create quality flannels for decades if not centuries. This helps guarantee that you’re getting a comfortable and great garment that’s soft to feel for a reasonable price.

The best part? The Classic Flannel is not just available in traditional colors. Gitman Vintage also has the Classic Flannel in various colorways and designs depending on the season.

2.  Vintage Flannel Work Shirt by Filson

The Vintage Flannel Work Shirt by Filson is another oldie but a goodie.

Since 1897, Filson has continued making their garments in Seattle where it can trace back its humble beginnings outfitting the great pioneers who first dared trek into the Alaskan wilderness.

Fast forward to more than a century later, and they’re still responsible for outfitting pioneers.

Albeit, instead of people who are risking life and limb to venture out into the wild, Filson now outfits people who are trying their best to employ their fellow Americans and give back to the economy in any way that they can.

For those looking for a timeless classic flannel that’s made out of soft quality fabric with a good fit and sizing that will keep them warm, there are only a few that have the level of comfort and reliability of the Vintage Flannel Work Shirt by Filson.

3. Schaefer Pioneer Shirt

Schaefer Outfitters is a brand that not only makes but also sources all raw materials from the U.S.A.

It focuses on ranch clothing and has a wide variety of gloves, boots, headwear and clothing. If you’re looking for soft and rugged, made-in America for the outdoors, then Schaefer’s is a solid choice.

This particular brushed flannel, the pioneer, is made of Brushed Cotton Flannel in the USA, has two pockets in the front, and has button cuffs.

4.  Trail Shirt by Pendelton

World-famous makers of all things wool, Pendelton has proudly designed and made all of its products in the United States since 1863.

The Trail Shirt is one of those.

A true relic from the Gold Rush days, the Trail Shirt by Pendelton is and was made to last.

This particular clothing is made out of 100% virgin wool that’s designed to withstand the grueling mountain weather for years. But, at the same time, Pendelton has taken great care to ensure that the material can resist multiple washes while also not taking too long to dry up.

A product fit for the rugged outdoors of America, the Trail Shirt by Pendelton is more functional than stylish.

The corduroy patches found on the elbows serve as a spoof of that.

Still, despite its focus on quality and ruggedness, the Trail Shirt still makes for awesome everyday wear.

5.  Flat Creek Tech Flannel by Orvis

As a company, Orvis joins Legendary Whitetails as one of those clothes manufacturers who are trying to make as many of their products in the USA but are still outsourcing their manufacturing elsewhere.

Nevertheless, Orvis deserves a pass for one simple reason — quality clothing made using sustainable practices.

The Flat Creek Tech Flannel, for example, is made out of cotton and spandex blended with recycled PET polyester like plastic bottles, as well as oyster shells, to create an eco-friendly material that has comfort and style down pat with enough durability to withstand the elements of the outdoors for years despite being so soft.

The Flat Creek Tech Flannel isn’t the flannel you’ll want in the middle of the winter in the USA. Instead, it’s the kind of flannel that’s fit for the other warmer seasons, like Spring or early Fall. But, even so, the Flat Creek Tech Flannel deserves recognition as a more stylish and eco-friendly alternative to the traditional flannel shirt.


“Made in the USA seems to be one of the biggest buzzwords of the moment.

The movement to “restore and bring back domestic manufacturing of products, including clothes, will likely continue going forward so we’ll be free to choose products made in the USA, instead of shipping from other parts of the world, soon enough.

But, until such a time comes when we all have a much wider selection of Made in USA apparel, we’ll have to settle with the handful we’ve found in our search that chose to stay in the USA.

Besides, this isn’t so much as settling as it is investing in comfortable and quality flannel with high durability that’s made using techniques perfect in the USA throughout the years.

With that said, we’re hoping that our list of the best American-made flannel shirts has helped you shop for the right flannel shirts that have got the ideal mix of comfort and design that fits your preferences, tastes, and budget the best.