The Best Handbags Made in USA

When it comes to handbags, it’s not just enough to know the trend these days. It’s also important to know where and how your handbag was made.

Eco-friendly and sustainable practices are on top of everyone’s lists these days.

As a result, more and more Americans are looking for the best handbags made in USA, preferably, using sustainable and eco-friendly practices.

With that said, we’ve decided to take the time to round up some of the best handbags made in USA.

If you’d like to look stylish and support your fellow American citizens at the same time, patronizing these handbags and their manufacturers are the way to go.

1.  The Lauren by Brynn Capella

Say hello to “The Laurenâ€.

Considered by Brynn Capella as their signature bag, The Lauren is a 6-in-1 bag that’s as versatile as it is stylish. Although it is a crossbody, you can wear it in as many as six different ways.

You can even use it as a backpack, depending on your preference. Also, thanks to its detachable strays, it’s easy to switch from one style to another.

As for the company itself, Brynn Capella started her handbag company in 2009 and has since established itself as one of the premier handbag companies without the premium price tag.

All of Brynn Capella’s handbags are designed and handcrafted in Chicago, Illinois using Italian leather.


  • Can be worn in six different styles
  • Stylish and versatile
  • Fitted with numerous pockets
  • Spacious


  • Not a good fit for those looking for something smaller and handier

2.  Perfect Little Crossbody by cinda b

It might seem obnoxious to name one of your products “perfect little crossbody†but cinda b seems to have hit the proverbial nail right on its head with this handbag.

Easily one of the best handbags made in USA, the Perfect Little Crossbody truly lives up to its name because of how small it is.

It’s roughly around the same size as other purses out there at 9.5 x 3 x 6 inches, and yet, it has a roomy interior, as well as strategically-placed external zip pockets, that will fit all of your essentials, including your phone, wallet, and keys, and so much more.

More importantly, the Perfect Little Crossbody isn’t just all about its functionality.

Available in as many as 8 different colorways, the Perfect Little Crossbody will make sure that your style is always en vogue with what’s new and trendy.

Naturally, the Perfect Little Crossbody is made in America. Specifically, the bag, along with cinda b’s other products, are all designed and sewn in Fort Wayne, Indiana, using a poly/nylon fabric that’s both water and stain-resistant, as well as durable and lightweight.


  • Equal parts cute and practical
  • Lightweight and durable fabric material
  • Available in 8 different and unique colorways
  • Adjustable 54-inch crossbody strap


  • Almost always out of stock

3.  Tote Bags by Sea Bags

Sea Bags’ tote bags were one of their first-ever products. Although they’ve since diversified their product range, their tote bags remain beloved because of their durability and simple yet eye-catching design. Not to mention, the company remains committed to handcrafting their tote bags using durable and recycled sailcloth in Maine.

Perhaps the best part about the tote bags by Sea Bags is the variety in design.

There are literally dozens of designs for you to choose from, and each one has just as much personality as possible.

If you’re looking for a large and strong bag that won’t quit on you anytime soon, be sure to take a look at the wide range of tote bags that Sea Bags has available for sale.


  • Made out of durable and recycled sailcloth
  • Comes in a variety of designs and compartments, as well as add-on closures, allowing you to choose one that best fits your needs and wants
  • Reasonably priced


  • Despite the variety in design, some might see the relatively simplistic designs as too rugged for their own taste

4.  Cross-Body Cargo by Stephanie Dawn

For those who are looking for a slightly larger daily handbag that’s available in a wide variety of colorful designs, the Cross-Body Cargo by Stephanie Dawn is among the best handbags made in USA.

Made from high-quality cotton fabric, the Cross-Body Cargo features a total of 8 pockets and a full zipper closure.

With so many compartments available, you’ll be able to fit more than just your phone, wallet, and keys inside. Also, because of its adjustable 48-inch strap, you have a variety of ways to style your cross-body as you please.

Available in as many as 14 different designs, the cross-body guarantees that you’ll never go out of style


  • Available in as many as 14 unique and different designs
  • Praised for its quality craftsmanship
  • Comes with 8 total roomy pockets
  • Washable material


  • Many feel that it’s a bit too large for daily use

Final Thoughts

There you have it, some of the best handbags made in USA.

As you can see, the handbag industry in the United States is flourishing. Even though most of the “bigger†brands are capitalizing on more affordable labor abroad, these manufacturers are adamant about helping out the local economy and giving jobs to their fellow Americans.

With that said, these handbags made in USA will surely not disappoint you.

In addition to the quality craftsmanship commonly associated with made in USA products, these handbags were made out of either renewable or sustainable materials.

This means that, not only are you helping out the local economy, but you’re also helping out the environment at the same time.