Threats to Neighbouring Countries

China threatens Taiwan with thousands of missiles pointed at it, China actively supports North Korea and has in the past supported various despots such as Slobodan Milosevic of Serbia, the Ayatollahs of Iran, and Saddam Hussein of Iraq.

China continues to militarily threaten its neighbours such as Vietnam, the Philippines and Taiwan while building ever more complex ocean naval bases which bring China’s attack capabilities closer to its neighbours, but hundreds of miles from its own shores.

Chinese parade of nuclear missiles in Beijing – Source VoA
Chinese territorial demands outlined on other countries borders and maritime boundaries – Source : Wikipedia

China forcefully demands territory hundreds of miles away from its coastline is brought under its control. In the map above you can easily see how? China is now using its military to push for control of areas which are clearly closer to other countries.

Imagine the outcry if another country demanded it’s neighbors territory, and supported one of the worst dictatorships in history?

Chinese & North Korean Celebrations – Source: NCNK
Chinese ships launching missiles -Source: Reuters

Yet as China threatens its neighbours and supports despots around the world who cause endless misery for their own people as well as make the world a more dangerous place, we continue to support them by buying products from them. If you want to support a more peaceful world then don’t support the Chinese state, buy from the rest of the world instead!

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