Are Logitech Products Made in China?

Logitech International S.A. is a Swiss multinational computer peripheral and software manufacturer with headquarters in Lausanne, Switzerland and Newark, California. The firm has offices in Europe, Asia, Oceania, and the Americas, and is one of the world’s major manufacturers of input and interface devices for personal computers (PCs) and other digital goods. It is part of the Swiss Market Index core.

The firm creates and sells personal peripherals for PC navigation, video communication and collaboration, music and smart homes. This includes keyboards, mice, tablet covers, headphones and headsets, webcams, Bluetooth speakers, universal remotes, and other items.

Are Logitech Products Made in China?

Yes, Logitech items are made in Suzhou, China. The manufacturing operations in China produce approximately half of Logitech’s products as of 2005. The remainder is outsourced to contract manufacturers and original design manufacturers in Asia.

Despite where Logitech products are made, they are regarded as one of the top computer perirenal manufactures, especially for mice.

Logitech produces a variety of excellent mice, which are among the best performing on the market. Logitech started out as a mouse maker for corporate use, but these days, Logitech’s gaming division creates exceptional gaming mice and has been pioneers in enhancing wireless technologies.

The sensors in the most recent iteration of their mice are generally acknowledged to be some of the finest available. Even if they seem cutting-edge, they continue to produce a wide range of mice at all costs.

Unfortunately, their higher-end wireless options tend to be expensive, but since they make a lot of different mice, you’re more than likely going to find one that fits your budget.

The Early Days

In 1976, at Stanford University in Palo Alto, Calif., Daniel Borel and Pierluigi Zappacosta met as students in a graduate program in computer science. While attending Stanford, the pair formed a friendship that blossomed into a business collaboration.

During their education, Borel, a Swiss, and Zappacosta, recognized an opportunity to create a primitive word-processing program. The pair spent four years obtaining funding and eventually developed a prototype for Bobst in Switzerland.

At the same time, Borel and Zappacosta began working with Giacomo Marini, a former Olivetti engineer and long-time companion of Zappacosta, on a new project. The three men who would eventually found Logitech began working as consultants in software development for publishing technology and hardware architecture.

They were awarded a four-month contract by Ricoh for a feasibility study on developing a graphical editor.

On October 2, 1981, Borel, Zappacosta, and Marini established Logitech S.A., after collecting the required funds for their project. Originally, it was to be called Softech because of the three creators’ software expertise.

Since this name was already taken, the entrepreneurs opted for Logitech, which derives from the French term for software: “logiciel.”

Zappacosta led a feasibility study from the back yard of a farm in Apples that served as Logitech’s first office. In January 1982, the Logitech team showed Ricoh management a prototype. –

Ricoh agreed to move forward on the project and the Logitech team was selected to handle the majority of the software development. To be closer to the creation office in nearby San Jose, the three established Logitech’s first U.S. office at 165 University Ave., Palo Alto, Calif. shortly afterward.