Are Rolex Watches Made in China?

Rolex’s history is started with Hans Wilsdorf, the company’s creator, who had a tremendous vision. Hans Wilsdorf founded an enterprise in London that specialized in the sale of timepieces at the age of 24 in 1905.

At the time, wristwatches were not very precise, but Hans Wilsdorf believed that they could become both attractive and dependable.

He equipped his timepieces with tiny, extremely precise movements produced in Bienne by a Swiss watchmaking firm to reassure consumers of the dependability of his resolutely innovative watches.

That company became Rolex and the rest is history.

Today, Rolex is a one of the most known watchmaker in the world. Even if you aren’t a watch enthusiast, you’ve probably heard of Rolex.

With over 700,000 timepieces produced every year, Rolex is a famous high status symbol. That leads it being also one of the most counterfeited watch brands.

Being one of the most sought-out luxury items in the world have resulted in a huge market for replica (fake) Rolex watches.

Are Rolex watches made in China?

No all Rolex watches are made in Switzerland with different manufacturing plants specializing in different aspects of the watches construction.

Geneva Acacias – World Headquarters

The headquarters of Rolex is located in Geneva. Management, research and development, design, communication activities, sales and after-sales service are all take place here.

Geneva Plan-Les-Ouates – Casing and Bracelets

The Plan-les-Ouates site includes all of the watch casing and bracelet production operations, from gold casting to raw material preparation to finished component machining and polishing.

Bienne – Movements

The Bienne site is where Rolex movements are manufactured. More than 2,000 people work at the Bienne facility to produce and assemble hundreds of components that make up a Rolex’s watch movements.

Geneva Chene-Bourg – Dials and Gem-Setting

The dials are developed and produced at the Chêne-Bourg site, which also houses gemmology and gem-setting operations. With a mix of high technology and the dial makers’ mastery of traditional know-how, Rolex faces are formed here.

Counterfeit Rolex Watches

While the real deal is not made in china, numerous counterfeits that flood the market are made there. Here are some simple tips on how to spot a made in China counterfeit Rolex watch:

The Seconds Hand

The seconds hand’s movement can quickly reveal the authenticity of a Rolex. The seconds hand on an original Rolex should move in tiny ticks that appear to be smooth when viewed at a glance. The hand should seemingly float around the watch’s face without stopping.

On a fake, you may see the seconds hand tick along monotonously, stuttering its way around the face.

The Weight

Holding a Rolex in your hand is another technique to determine if it’s genuine or not. Is it heavy or light in your hands?

A genuine Rolex isn’t lightweight since it uses high-quality materials. It should have solid feel to it.

Examine the Crown

The crown on a genuine Rolex is made with great care. Even the tiniest portion of metal on the side of the timepiece known as the crown will be finely crafted and correct.

If a watch’s crown appears smooth or plain, or if it is merely brushed over, you’ve found your mark. On many counterfeit Rolex timepieces, there is a lack of detail on the crown.

Serial Number

On the inside of the watch on the six o’clock side on modern Rolex timepieces, and between the lugs on older ones, each Rolex is marked with a serial and model number. Counterfeit goods will contain a similar serial and model number to those on a real Rolex.

The numbers on an original Rolex will be deeply etched in the metal and readily apparent. When the watch is tilted toward the light, the engraved numerals will reflect the light, making them very distinct and clear.

A counterfeit Rolex, on the other hand, will have a stamp that appears much less perfect. The lines will not be as straight. In fact, the impression will appear to have been made using a number of tiny dots or etchings rather than one stamp.

If you still not sure on authenticity when buying a Rolex, just be sure to purchase from an authorized dealer to avoid being scammed with a fake.