Product Quality

It almost goes without saying that no-one expects a product which is made in China to be high quality. Everyone would know that a product made in Germany or Japan is likely to be more durable, more effective, longer lasting, and safer than one made in China.

Chinese factories and Western distributors have become very good at making products which look the same on the shelf, the Chinese kettle and the German kettle might look identical, but we all know which one we would expect to still be working a few years later.

Reading the reviews online can only help you so much. Unfortunately the same companies which mass produce low quality products, also pay other people to leave fake reviews giving them five stars and leaving positive comments. Numerous articles have been written about how to spot fake reviews, however we feel it is simply better to just buy higher quality products to start with.

While it may seem like a good deal to start with, often buying cheaper Chinese products is a false economy as they need to be replaced more frequently or do not work as well to begin with.

Imagine the potential for disaster at home if your washing machine suddenly started leaking because of poor quality components, or your laptop stopped working and you lost all your work for the same reason.

There is a difference between getting a good deal, and buying a cheap low quality product.

Check out some of the products we have curated which are not made in China and so may likely be longer lasting and of higher quality.

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