Best Black Friday Deals Not Made in China

If you are an avid Black Friday shopper, this is an article you don’t want to miss.

There’s no reason to miss the best Black Friday deals due to some issues with Chinese-made products. You can still find the early deals with some of the best Black Friday deals not made in China.

We found some of the best deals for you this holiday shopping season for clothing, appliances, and the outdoors.

Take a seat, grab that cup of coffee, and settle in for a read.

Things to Consider this Holiday Shopping Season

A lot is going on right now in politics when it comes to products made in China.

It’s become quite the headache between trade wars, tax hikes, shipping delays, and non-quality products.

It’s possible to still get in on the early Black Friday deals despite all that is happening in the world.

Take that breath of relief and keep reading.

Before you go Black Friday shopping, there are a few things to consider. If there is a product or supplier you are especially interested in this holiday shopping season, make sure you do your research early.

You can email or call your favorite brands or suppliers to ensure their products are made locally. Why is shopping locally so important?

For one thing, small businesses are the heart of capitalism and keep local communities and their people thriving.

On another note, their products are usually made with better materials that will last longer.

Plus, building a good repertoire with the local community means that if there are issues with the product, you know you can return it or replace it. That’s not always the case when you purchase Chinese-made products.

It’s never too early to get Black Friday sales. Many of them are already being featured.

Check out some of Amazon Black Friday deals right here. Major retailers are on the ball this year, and it’s time to jump on board.

Early Black Friday Deals not Made in China

Let’s discuss some early deals that you can get without the shipping delays. Get your credit card because there are some major price drops with some major retailers.

Best Black Friday Clothing Deals

Brooks Brothers

One of the oldest clothing companies in the USA, Brooks Brothers is known for producing excellent quality clothing for men, women, and children.

This holiday season checking them out is a must. Many of the Black Friday deals are already available.

Buy Black Friday deals that include up to 50% off some of the best clothing.

Avoid shipping delays as the clothing is coming right from North Carolina.


New deals from Woolrich usually mean up to 60%, according to past Black Friday deals with Woolrich.

Founded in Pennsylvania in the 1800s, Woolrich is still around, but they feature quality clothing for everyone.

Find some of the best deals right here for your family.

All American Clothing

It’s in the title. Made in America, All American Clothing specializes in denim for everyone.

While denim is their jam, they also offer a range of other clothing options with all of the best deals this holiday season.

Don’t miss out on All American Clothing this Black Friday.

Best Black Friday Appliance Deals

Artistic Weavers

If you have ever wanted one of those beautiful rugs usually made and produced overseas, Artistic Weavers is an excellent choice for a product made in the USA.

While they are known for their beautiful, durable, washable rugs and runners, they also produce pillows, throws, and tapestries.

They use products from all over the world, with our favorite being Merida wool from New Zealand.

It’s durable, soft, and a beautiful choice for your rug.


Shoes are everything.

Minnetonka knows this and never fails to provide excellent Black Friday deals on all of their footwear.

Starting in the 1940s in Minnesota, Minnetonka is known for its durable footwear made with genuine leather. They feature moccasins, boots, slippers, sandals, and more.

Get all of the best deals this Black Friday on excellent shoes that will last for years.

Best Black Friday Outdoors Deals

Kershaw Knives

This Black Friday, why not purchase a pocket knife that is manufactured in the USA?

Kershaw knives have been in the industry since the 1970s and are known for their innovation when creating a quality pocket knife.

Whether you are giving a pocket knife as a gift to a fishing fanatic or getting one for yourself for everyday use, the Black Friday deals from Kershaw are not to be missed.

Buck Knives

Founded by Hoyt Buck in the early 1900s, Buck Knives is a family affair.

Now owned by Hoyt’s great-grandson, CJ, Buck Knives prides itself in the perfect heat treating elements to create the perfect knife.

Known for their hunting knives, find the best Black Friday deals on them all this holiday season. They make an excellent choice for a gift for anyone who enjoys hunting or fishing.

Taking pride in making their product in the USA, never worry about quality or shipping delays with Buck Knives.

Bring On Black Friday

Now that you know that the best Black Friday deals are right around the corner, it’s time to capitalize on them, especially the USA-based products.

They ensure you will have a quality product without the hassle of shipping delays that are inevitable this holiday season.

Check out some of your favorite brands on Target’s Black Friday sale or Amazon’s best deals.

Check out the USA products and brands we listed above for even more holiday shopping options. It’s time to embrace the holidays.