Best Jewelry Made in The USA

Are you looking for some new quality jewelry to add to your collection? Or are you shopping for someone else for the upcoming holiday season?

No matter the reason for buying some jewelry, it is important to find the best jewelry available. Especially finding jewelry that is made in the United States.?

There are many reasons to look to the United States and not China for jewelry.

The United States uses higher quality materials than China uses and it will last for a long time. You also run the risk of wearing unsafe materials with jewelry from China. There is no reason to skimp on quality when it comes to jewelry.

Just because you are shopping for pieces made in America, that doesn?t mean that you are limited in your selection. America is a diverse place and you can find something for everyone, no matter the style or budget. Shopping American has never been easier.

Scroll down to find out the best jewelry made in the United States. 

BeeAmour Jewelry

BeeArmour Jewelry is made in Texas and is specifically designed for the bee lover in your life.

The simple designs resemble beehives and come in a variety of options. Whether you want rings, earrings, or necklaces, there is an option for you. These designs are wearable and will not overtake your outfit while still bringing a sense of fun to your life.

The designs are also available in more simple honeycomb designs or designs that really show off how inspired by bees the jewelry is by including bees in the pieces. They are fun and interesting. Most importantly, they won?t break the bank!


  • Simple and Fun Designs
  • Playful
  • Perfect for Bee Lovers


  • Not Great for Non-Bee Lovers

Buckaroo Bling

Buckaroo Bling is made in Montana for the western loving woman in your life. For women who want to embrace their inner cowgirl, this is the jewelry place for them.

They have everything from boot accessories to more traditional jewelry choices. No matter how you want to accessorize, Buckaroo Bling has you covered!

Buckaroo Bling is designed specifically for a more western cowgirl look. For women who always wanted to be a cowgirl growing up, this is the place for you. It?s perfect for women who want to bring out a western edge without sacrificing their femininity or budgets.


  • Unique Style of Jewelry
  • Fun Designs
  • Affordable


  • Only for A Certain Type of Women


Ciner makes vintage-inspired, costume jewelry in New York. The jewels that they use are semi-precious high-quality stones.

They made statement piece jewelry that will make you the envy of those who love vintage pieces.

With vintage becoming more popular, this is a great choice for those looking to add some pop to their wardrobe.

Ciner makes a wide variety of pieces from earrings to chains to pins. No matter what you are looking for, Ciner will have it. They fit nearly every style and, though it is labeled as costume jewelry, you can wear it every day without stares.

In almost no time at all, you will be ready to bring a vintage look to a modern gathering!


  • Wide Selection
  • Vintage Looks
  • Great Statement Pieces


  • A Limited Modern Selection makes diamond jewelry in California.

Not only do they have a selection of jewelry available to everyone, but they also offer to make custom pieces. The options are endless when it comes to the place. They have traditional diamond pieces and diamonds of all colors available to suit your tastes.

If diamonds are what you?re looking for, you can?t go wrong with They make jewelry for everyone, including men, in all diamond cuts. Whatever you?re looking for in a diamond piece, they have it, even if you have to design it yourself.


  • Lots of Dimond Cut and Colors
  • A Variety of Jewelry Options
  • Options for Men Specifically


  • Only Offers Diamond Pieces

Grayling Jewelry

Grayling Jewelry makes eco-friendly and sustainable jewelry in Oregon.

Each piece is hand made and designed to be as friendly to the environment as possible, while still looking beautiful. Their jewelry options are simple for everyday wear and will not distract from your outfit or what you are doing.

They have a wide offering, from necklaces to rings to earrings. They also make pieces without gems or stones for more variety. No matter what your tastes are, it is possible to find something you love with Grayling Jewelry.


  • Eco-Friendly and Sustainable
  • Lots of Variety
  • Simple and Practical


  • Not Many Bold Pieces

John Medeiros Jewelry

John Medeiros Jewelry is classic jewelry at affordable prices made in Rhode Island.?

They make pieces that are simple enough to be worn every day without distractions, yet bold enough to stand out. They are made in classic designs and will never go out of style. They are made to complement, not overtake, your outfit.?

They offer a variety of pieces and are consistently developing new lines. They also have pieces that are made without gems or stones. It is easy to find something that you will love with this company.


  • Simple and Bold Design
  • Options With and Without Gems
  • Affordable


  • No Statement Pieces 


No matter what kind of jewelry you are looking for, it is easy to find something that suits your style that is also made in America. There is a wide selection available to suit every taste and every budget.

With these American made pieces you can rest easy knowing that you chose pieces made with high-quality materials that are free of toxins.

By supporting these businesses, you are also supporting small American businesses. Buying American has never been easier with such a wide selection of pieces to choose from.

Whether you?re looking for something as specific as a cowgirl look or something as broad as vintage-inspired necklaces, you will be able to find something that suits every style while still staying in America.????