10 Best Yarns Made in the USA

Choosing yarn for your next project can be daunting. There are many brand choices.

The array of colors alone can be overwhelming. One thing you probably don’t think about while shopping is where the yarn originates?

Did you know that there are many quality yarns made in the USA? 

This list of the top ten best yarns made in the USA may make your next trip to the craft store a little easier.

You will still have to choose the color, but the brand choice may be easier. This list is in no particular order. It is merely a list of the best American-made yarns.

– This easy-care yarn is machine washable and dryable and works up quickly for fast knit and crochet projectsCheck Price
Caron One Pound
– Caron One Pound yarn is perfect for a variety of knit and crochet projects like accessories, garments, home décor, baby and kids patterns.Check Price
Red Heart With Love
– Red Heart With Love yarn is an ultra-soft premium acrylic worsted weight yarn.Check Price
Vanna’s Choice
– 100-Percent Premium Acrylic; 400, 401, 403: 92-Percent Acrylic, 8-Percent Rayon; 402: 96-Percent Acrylic, 4-Percent RayonCheck Price
– Homespun has been a beloved Lion Brand Yarn for over twenty yearsCheck Price
Caron Simply Soft
– Simply Soft is conveniently machine washable and dryable for easy care.Check Price
Red Heart Super Saver
– Made of 96-percent acrylic and 4 percent other fibers worsted materialCheck Price
Ice Cream Deluxe
– This chenille cake yarn comes in an array of juicy colors from pastels to more vibrant hues.Check Price
Caron Cakes
– This yarn is 80 percent acrylic and 20 percent wool.
– This yarn is soft as well as durable. It is great for blankets, shawls, and scarves.
Check Price
Cascade Yarns
– Fixation yarn is a stretchy yarn made from Cotton and Elastic so it is great for folks who have allergies to wool or find wool to be scratchy. Check Price

1. Hometown

Hometown yarn by Lion is available in a vast selection of colors: Hometown makes this yarn with sports teams in mind.

The idea was that you would make hats, scarves, and blankets to match your favorite hometown sports teams. You will find the colors to be very rich.

Versatile multi-colors, textured tweeds, and an array of vibrant primary colors make up the Hometown collection. There is a good chance that any color that your heart desires is available in Hometown yarns.

This yarn is excellent for knitting and crocheting projects. It is easy to work with because of its softness, and it works fast so you can complete your project sooner. Assembling your project sooner will give you more time to root for your favorite team.

This yarn is great for making scarves, blankets, and hats in your favorite team colors. Don’t worry if you are not a sports fan. You can still use these great colors to do dazzling projects.

Your items made with this yarn can be safely washed in your washing machine and dried in your dryer.

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2. Caron One Pound

Caron one pound is well known for being a no-dye lot yarn, making it so easy to match the colors if you run out of yarn before your project is finished and need to purchase more.

While many yarn companies claim to have no-dye lot yarn, that is not always the case. Sometimes it can be hard to match up. When this happens, it isn’t enjoyable for you in trying to finish your project. 

Caron One Pound is available in 36 colors/styles, giving you many options when deciding on the perfect color for your latest project.

The one-pound size also comes in very handy when working on projects that require a lot of yarn.

You will want to keep in mind that this yarn is stiffer than some of the same weight, so it would work better for crafting projects instead of clothing. This yarn would be great to use to make an array of projects from an afghan or blanket to stockings. 

You can safely wash anything you make with this acrylic yarn in your washing machine and dry it in your dryer.

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3. Red Heart With Love

Red Heart with Love is an acrylic yarn that comes in more than 30 colors of mixable multi-prints and no-dye solid skeins.

The colors range from pastels to more vibrant colors. You can also choose from stripes and patterns, which can give your creations some pizazz. We could all use a little more pizazz in our lives.

This yarn is soft and easy to use. You will finish your project in no time at all once you get started. Your crochet hook and knitting needle will easily glide through this yarn. When it is easy to work with, it makes your work so much more enjoyable.

Completing a project quickly also gives you more time to work on new projects or finish ongoing projects.

This yarn would be great for a range of projects, including hats, scarves, and blankets. With the array of colors to choose from, your handmade items will stand out.

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4. Vanna’s Choice

Vanna’s Choice by Lion is an acrylic yarn that is available in 15 colors.

The cool thing about this yarn is supposed to be mixed and matched. All of the colors work superb together in projects. So when you think about that, the color combinations are a lot more than 15. You can make lots of colorful creations with this yarn.

This yarn is soft, and It doesn’t knot up a lot, which helps finish your project in the time frame you would like to complete.

It is also machine washable 

The softness of the yarn makes it ideal for scarves, shawls, and afghans.

Just think of the array of color combinations you could create using this yarn. When you complete your project, you can cuddle up in the softness and warmth.

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5. Homespun

Homespun by Lion is an incredibly soft yarn.

This yarn is 98 percent acrylic and 2 percent polyester. It is a squishy yarn which makes it lovely to touch. It is machine washable.

The yarn comes in over twenty colors. The array of colors will provide you with the color palette to make beautiful handmade goods.

This yarn is also easy to knit and crochet with by more experienced crocheters or knitters. It does not tangle often, but it does tangle at times. Mainly, It glides effortlessly through your knitting needles or crochet hook. 

It is so warm and cozy. Just imagine wrapping up in a soft blanket or throw made with this yarn. This yarn would also make lovely warm scarves as well as beautiful shawls to keep you warm on a cold evening.

Something to remember is that this yarn is so soft that it can be a little hard to work with, so it is probably best for more experienced users.

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6. Caron Simply Soft

Caron Simply soft is just as the name implies: it is very soft.

The color options will help you find the color you have in mind for your latest creation. 

The quality is also good for the price. The yarn is easy to work with. It is not bad to tangle or knot up while working with it, a big plus for any knitter or crocheter. 

Since the yarn is so soft, it is ideal for baby projects.

Baby blankets, hats, mittens, and booties would all be great made with this yarn. The array of colors will add a nice touch to any baby item that you create. 

This yarn isn’t just for baby items. You can also make scarves, blankets, and throws for yourself or as gifts for others to enjoy.

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7. Red Heart Super Saver

Red Heart Super Saver is easy to work with.

It does not knot up too often either, which is a bonus and helps you complete your artwork happily.

This yarn is available in many different colors and patterns. There are over 120 colors/ styles to choose from. That is just amazing.

You should find yarn to match any craft that you have in mind with all those options available to you. 

This yarn’s weight and softness make it an excellent choice to use when making scarves, hats, and blankets.

It is Machine washable and can also be placed in the dryer.

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8. Ice Cream Deluxe

Lion Ice Cream Deluxe comes in an assortment of over 20 fun color schemes.

The colors range from pastels to more vibrant shades. Each cake moves through a non-repeating color scheme. This leaves you with a very unique pattern in your finished project. 

This yarn is so plush. It is not only plush, but it is a delight to work with. You will finish your project in no time at all.

You can also wash your items made with this yarn in the washer. This yarn washes well and still looks good after repeated washes. 

It is great for home decorations such as pillows and blankets. You can also stitch up cute scarves and hats with this fun yarn. Since it is so soft, it also is a good choice for baby items and blankets.

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9. Caron Cakes

Caron cakes yarn is available in over 20 colors.

It is available in solid and striped varieties. Each striped type is made up of five different colors. It is soft and easy to work with.

The coloring changes of the striped varieties make your projects more fun to work on and give your finished projects various styles. 

This yarn is 80 percent acrylic and 20 percent wool. This yarn is soft as well as durable. It is great for blankets, shawls, and scarves.

This yarn is a good choice in any garments that you enjoy making. You are sure to be delighted with your finished project.

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10. Cascade Yarns

Cascade Yarns Fixation Splash is a cotton spandex blend yarn that offers an assortment of 13 fun color combinations.

This yarn is striped, and each skein has a variety of colors that go well together but have enough contrast to make them stand out. This yarn is easy to work with and is stretchy. It is machine washable. 

This cotton spandex blend yarn is excellent for headbands and hats. You are sure to have a one-of-a-kind creation with Cascade Yarns Fixation Splash.

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