Top Rated Stuffed Animal Brands Located in the USA

Buying stuffed animals made in the USA has been made more straightforward by the many online shops and retailers.

However, supporting your local economy and the communities around you can sometimes be easier said than done.

It might take some internet digging to figure out which brands and products are actually headquartered, designed, and sourced in the United States and which are international brands. The world is a continually shrinking space.

We often find that companies will have designs for their products created in one country, factories building them in another, and warehouses that store them in yet another area of the globe.

It can be challenging to narrow down which brands offer toys made in the USA. 

We have simplified the process for anyone looking to purchase some adorable plush toys for themselves, family members, or friends. These are top-rated brands known around the world for their quality and originality.

Below we have listed the US brands that create and sell stuffed animals and other plush toys. Some of them may outsource various aspects of the creation process though these are all American-based companies. 

Trouble the Dog

Trouble the Dog Plush

This is one of the few stuffed animal brands that can claim to be 100% American-made.

From the design to the materials, every part of the creation process is sourced in the United States. Trouble the Dog is a cute, huggable dog that was meant to comfort children experiencing trauma or illness.

It is designed to provide comfort and a soft friend for children and young adults, but Trouble the Dog is ageless.

There is also a book that can come with the stuffed dog, and it has several accessories you can purchase, including a dog house. 

Vermont Teddy Bear Company

Most people have at least heard of this brand which is famous for its cuddly bears.

This Vermont company was started in 1981, and it has been designing beautiful products for forty years. They are based in the USA and have special programs to help children in communities across the country.

For example, they donate bears to first responder units to be used to comfort children in stressful situations, with over 15,000 donated bears so far. They use recycled material and ethically sourced fabrics. 

The Vermont Teddy Bear Company has dozens of stuffed animals to choose from and several lines, including the “oh so soft” series of animal plushies that feature incredible soft fabric and fluff.

Their stuffed bears vary in size, with their largest being six feet. They also carry bears to represent various professions (e.g., doctors, firefighters, etc.) and have holiday-themed ones as well.

You can give these as a perfect gift using the Bear-Gram option of sending a personalized bear to a friend or loved one. 



This company sells stunning handcrafted stuffed animals based out of New York.

They have stuffed bears for babies, children, and adults. They also have a touching “Memory Bear” option which allows you to customize your bear using materials you supply from a loved one’s clothing.

These soft, beautiful toys are made with love by the creator and designer Ellen MacMaster. In addition to the bears, Embers also has several other beautiful creatures, including lambs, penguins, dogs, koalas, opossums, and skunks.

Most of them are between 9 and 22 inches. There are currently nineteen unique stuffed animals listed on their site. 

Build-A-Bear Workshop

Most people are familiar with this USA-created stuffed animal empire.

Although they are based in America, some manufacturing for accessories like clothing can take place in various, unspecified, Asian countries.

They actively participate in multiple charity events and ensure that their products are made of the highest quality materials. 

There are twelve categories, including sports, zoo animals, under $12, woodland, and aquatic creatures.

They have toys from popular movies and television as well as their own product lines and the custom creation option. Of course, the main draw of Build-A-Bear is the ability to fully customize a stuffed animal to your specifications. 


While this brand is mostly known for its superior pillows, mattresses, and shoes, they also have a line of ultra-plush stuffed bears that are extra-huggable.

They used to be headquartered in Sweden but are now located in Lexington, Kentucky, where their products are designed and created. 

Douglas Toys

Douglas has been creating adorable, custom stuffed animals since 1956. Initially, all aspects of the design and creation took place in the USA.

However, now that they have become an international, best-selling toy supplier, their manufacturing has moved to various Asian countries, including Indonesia, although their headquarters and designers are still located in New Hampshire.

This has been a proudly American company for over sixty years.


These adorable stuffed microbes can bring science to life for children and adults. They are adorable representations of various microscopic things like bacteria and viruses.

They are funny and educational. The company also has partnerships to help fund various medical research.

This is a USA-owned and operated business though we were unable to determine if they utilize any outsourcing for specific aspects of product creation. 

Hallmark (Itty Bittys, Happy Go Luckys)

Many of the products, including cards and stuffed animals that Hallmark sells, are created in Lawrence, Kansas.

However, they do sometimes outsource to various Asian countries during times of high demand. Hallmark’s headquarters are located in Kansas City, Missouri.

They have many cute plushies available from various American creators. 

Mary Meyer Corporation

Founded in 1933 by Mary Meyers, this toy company has become world-famous. It is still owned and operated by the original family.

They provide unique stuffed animal designs that are then created and prepared for distribution at their workshop.

This shop, along with its administration, warehouse, and design team, is based in Vermont though some manufacturing processes do occur overseas. 

Eco-friendly Stuffed Animals Made in America

Making sure you are buying from companies that care about the environment can lower your carbon footprint and contribute to a better future for us all.

Sustainability and ethical sourcing are two foundations of a good eco-friendly company.

You can research the practices of each brand listed above before buying from them, or you can find some truly beautiful stuffed animals from the two American companies we have found that have a heartfelt desire to create a better world through their cute toys. 

You can look at the products listed below for eco-friendly, organic, or non toxic stuffed animals.

These toy creators take personal responsibility for supplying children with ethically sourced, safe stuffed animals. 

Bears for Humanity

This amazing organization was moved to America, where it supports Northern Californian communities and provides safe, eco-friendly stuffed animals of all shapes and sizes.

These hand-sewn toys are created in the USA.

Elly Lu Organics

These beautiful stuffed animals were designed and created with love and environmentally friendly materials by two families living in Hawaii and Alaska.

The company is based out of Hawaii where the Elly Lu stuffed animals are created. 

Find More Creators

You can also find more niche, locally-based creators on sites like Etsy.

You can also look in your community newsletter or malls for American-created stuffed animals only available in your area.

This is a fantastic opportunity to support USA creators and suppliers while also getting a more unique gift. 

Popular Stuffed Animals on Amazon Made in the USA

Now that you are familiar with the brands available, we wanted to show you a few of our favorite stuffed animals made in the USA, which are available for purchase on Amazon. We have included a brief plushy description of each. All information was taken directly from the manufacturer’s product page to ensure accuracy. 

Mary Meyer 12-Inch Sloth

This lovely stuffed sloth is twelve inches long, and it has a unique texture and design on the fabric.

The muted colors and ultra-soft fluff make it a perfect gift for any age. 

GIANTmicrobe Common Cold

The classics are always good, and we still adore the big blue blob of stuffing that makes up this cute little cold microbe.

It has been GIANTmicrobe’s number one seller since the brand was founded in 2002. 

Douglas 10-Inch Welsh Corgi

This stuffed dog is realistically sized and colored for ultimate cuddles.

Made with high-quality materials and it is safe for children over 24 months. We love the real-life look of it and the softness of the fabric.

This corgi makes a great gift for yourself or someone else. 

Why Shopping Locally is Important

We have listed a number of online and in-person options for purchasing American-owned stuffed animals and other toys.

Aside from showing patriotism, it can also help fuel economic growth.

You can look in your neighborhoods and see if there are any locally owned businesses that have handcrafted plushies that would make great gifts. 

In addition to supporting a local artist, you would also be spending money on products that can make a real difference in your country and personal community.

Many locally-based companies give percentages of their profits to organizations within the USA meant to help support people in need.

Also, spending your hard-earned money on USA-created toys can often be the most eco-friendly option.