Best Kettles Made in the UK

A kettle in the UK is an essential kitchen appliance and having the best brands ensures you can brew a hot drink fast.

The UK’s best kettle brands include Breville, Dualit, Sage, Bosch, Russell Hobbs, and Swan.

Did you know that people in the UK take about 60 billion cups of tea annually?

This list includes some of the best tea kettles made in the UK. You can purchase whichever kettle catches your fancy from Amazon.

Some of the kettle made in the UK can produce a large volume of hot water per hour, handy in the cold seasons. Before we get to the best electric tea kettles made in the UK, let look at the features of an excellent electric kettle.

Features of the Best Electric Kettles

Capacity: An excellent electric kettle should be at least 1.5 litres so that you can prepare five cups of tea whenever you have guests. Most kettles have a capacity of 1.7 litres, which is about 6-8 cups of hot drinks in one jug. 

Cup Level Indicator: A cup level indicator tells you how much water is in the kettle in terms of cups. Therefore, you can avoid boiling excess water and save on energy. Cup indicators are useful for small households that have 1-2 people.

Automatic Switch Off: Multitasking is part of every morning routine as people prepare to go to work. The jug should have an automatic switch-off feature when the water boils. That way, you don’t have to stand in the kitchen and wait for the water to boil. 

Safety Features: Check the handle of the kettle to ensure that it is heat resistant. Also, the kettle should turn off in case of dry boiling. Another safety feature has a non-drip pour spout to prevent spilling hot water and causing burns. 

Design: The design for the electric tea kettle should match your kitchen theme and other appliances. You can find electric tea kettles made in the UK in different colours, build and materials. It would be best if you choose a kettle that has a steel interior. If you go for something with a plastic interior, ensure that the plastic is BPA free. 

The Best Kettles Made in the UK

Tea lovers can choose one of the electric kettles below to make their favourite drink at any time of the day.

The price range for the kettles varies, and everyone can find something that fits their budget. 

1. Breville Impressions Electric Kettle VKJ956

Price: £ 24.00
Capacity: 1.7 litres

Key Features

The high-gloss finish kettle comes with a rear water level indicator and a pouring spout to make it easy to pour your hot water.

The rapid boiling kettle allows you to prepare your tea fast at any time of the day. You don’t have to wait around for the water to boil when you are in the mood for some morning or afternoon tea. 

The base has cord storage to ensure your counters look neat and non-slip feet to keep it in place.

A removable limescale filter makes it easy to clean any lime that may accumulate inside the kettle over time.

Finally, it comes with a 360-degree rotational base that makes it simple for left-handed people to pour water quickly. 


  • It boils water fast. 
  • It is suitable for left-handed people. 
  • It has a beautiful design. 


  • Hot water may taste plastic in the beginning. 

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2. Russell Hobbs 24360 Inspire Electric Kettle

Price: £28.00
Capacity: 1.7 litres

Key Features 

The Inspire Electric Kettle is one of the most liked electric kettles from Russell Hobbs.

It has a beautiful design that will look elegant in any kitchen. You can boil a cup of water in the morning within 45 seconds and prepare a cup of tea or coffee in less than a minute. It is an excellent appliance for an individual with busy schedules. 

The design includes a pour spout that prevents water from spilling when pouring it into a cup. There is a cord storage area in the 360-degree base that is easy for left-handed individuals to pour tea.

A water window allows you to measure the amount of water you pour into the kettle. You will get a 2-year warranty for the products and an additional year when you register the product online. 


  • It has a decent warranty. 
  • You can make tea in under a minute. 
  • It comes with an indicator light when water is ready. 


  • The inside is plastic and not stainless steel. 

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3. Bosch TWK8633GB Styline Collection Cordless Kettle

Price: £ 122.98.00
Capacity: 1.5 litres

Key Features 

Bosch is a renowned brand, and the TWK8633GB kettle is a fantastic addition to any kitchen. It comes with a temperature control feature that allows you to select the perfect temperature for your water when you want to make tea.

It automatically turns off when the water reaches the desired temperature. 

You can use the water from the kettle for the next 30 minutes without reheating because of the keep warm function.

The kettle has a pour spout and an anti-slip handle to ensure you do not spoil any hot water. You can remove the limescale filter in the kettle for cleaning whenever you are deep cleaning the kitchen. 


  • It has a stainless steel interior. 
  • The water stays warm for 30 minutes. 
  • It has a sleek design. 
  • The heating element in the base is concealed. 


  • It is a bit expensive. 

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4. Swan SK14610WHTN Nordic Rapid Boil Jug Kettle

Price: £ 47.00
Capacity: 1.7 litres

Key Feature

The Swan Nordic range is made using stainless steel, and it is ideal for people who love a minimalistic lifestyle. It comes with an automatic turn off whenever the water is ready to use or when there isn’t enough water in the jug.

The 360-degree rotating base allows you to pick up the jug from any direction. 

You get a 2-year warranty when you buy the kettle. There is a removable scale filter that is washable whenever it accumulates lime.

Overall, you can make a cup of tea or coffee in a couple of minutes whenever you are in a hurry. 


  • It has a sophisticated but minimalistic design. 
  • It automatically switches off. 
  • It uses rapid boil technology. 
  • There is a pour spout. 


  • Some units make the water taste terrible.

5. Breville Lustra Electric Kettle VKT065

Price: £ 32.00
Capacity: 1.7 litres
ASIN: B079SR96Y1

Key Features 

It has a stainless steel body and a capacity of 6-8 cups.

The pearlescent finish gives the kettle an elegant outlook when it is sitting on a kitchen counter. You can measure the amount of water you put into the kettle using the rear water window. 

The non-slip feet ensure that the kettle doesn’t slide off a counter when the water comes to a boil. It is easy to clean the interior, and there is a removable scale filter that comes with the kettle.

The kettle base has a cord storage area, making it easy to keep your kitchen neat. 


  • The lid comes off easy for filling. 
  • It has a pour spout. 
  • The interior is easy to clean. 
  • It has an ergonomic handle. 


  • Some units produce water with a strong chemical taste. 

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6. Dualit Architect Kettle

Price: £ 82.00
Capacity: 1.5 litres

Key Features

The beautiful kettle is made using stainless steel, and it has an output capacity of 25L per hour.

It has a level indicator per cup, making it easy to boil the exact amount of water you need. You can pour without splashing hot water using the parent pour spout.

The rapid boil feature is perfect for individuals who need to make hot drinks in the shortest time possible. 

One of the sweetest features of the kettle is that it has several colour panes that you can change to match your kitchen’s current theme.

You don’t need to buy a new kettle whenever you update your kitchen. Overall, the stainless steel finish is lovely and looks clean. 


  • It is a stainless steel kettle. 
  • It comes with interchangeable colour panes. 
  • It uses a patent pour spout. 
  • It has cup level indicators. 


  • It is loud. 
  • The exterior gets extremely hot except for the handle. 

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7. Sage the Compact Glass Kettle BKE395UK

Price: £ 59.00
Capacity: 1L

Key Features

The kettle has a modern outlook with a combination of premium quality glass and stainless steel. It has a slow opening lid to release steam whenever you open the kettle.

The handle is ergonomic so that a user can pour the hot water with one hand. It will automatically turn off when the water boils or is the water level is too low. 


  • It has a beautiful design. 
  • It doesn’t have plastic parts on the inside. 
  • The heating feature is concealed in the base. 


  • Customers complain of malfunctions after a while. 

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Any of the kettles above can be your favourite if you are a tea lover.

Kettles made in the UK can bring water to a boil fast and allow someone to prepare a cup of tea in several minutes.

Most of them have a water level indicator to boil the exact amount of water they need. 

Always make sure that you have water above the minimum level before turning on the kettle.

Also, find a brand that will turn off automatically when the water is below the minimum level. Above all, find a kettle that will look good on your kitchen counter.

Electric kettles stay on to of kitchen counters because of frequent use, so you want a design that you can be proud to show off.