Gloves Not Made in China

Everyone knows that gloves are essential. They are quite simple but can save you a lot by keeping your hands covered from the cold especially in this season. Regardless of how simple they might look, getting a glove that is a perfect fit can be a real hassle.

Sometimes we try to find that glove that would offer value for the money spent, but come up short. To make this search easier for you, we’ve come up with a list of the best gloves not made in China you should get. The best gloves you can trust. 


Hands are crucial in day-to-day activities. You need a good glove to keep your hands warm always. It is important to have a pair of gloves that would ensure you enjoy this weather to the fullest. 

Being able to spot the proper gear is essential. If you intend to go to a store or shop online for a glove, reading this guide will direct you on how to select the best gloves.

The Task at Hand

Before selecting the glove, you need to identify the task it would be used for. The nature of the task will always make the decision easier to make. Will you be making contact with harsh substances or just trying to prevent the cold?


The comfort of the glove is essential. The glove should be comfortable and for properly or else it is of no use. It should not be too big or too small and feel comfy enough for the user. 

If you are shopping online, always pay attention to the sizing guide provided by the manufacturers on each glove. In a situation where you can’t seem to find your size, go for a small one. It’s better to have a tighter glove than a loose one

Protection and Padding

Always go for a glove that provides you extra protection. If you use your give to work, then you would surely need more padding. It is also advisable to go for gloves that provide extra protection with cuffs that extend beyond the wrist. 

Your hands should always be properly protected at all times. Keep the dirt and cold out and the warmth in. 


Hestra Army Leather Heli 5-Finger Ski Glove

About the Company:

Although operating as Martin Magnusson & Co AB, Hestra is a family-owned, gloved manufacturing company. Established by Martin Magnusson in 1936, the company’s headquarters is at Hestra, Sweden. In 1936, work gloves were the first gloves made by the company. 

They were made for lumberjacks. In 2017, they upgraded to patrol gloves. The company makes gloves majorly for Alpine and Freeskiing. Martin Magnusson & Co. AB’s flagship store is located in Stockholm, Sweden. 

The Glove:

The Hestra Army Leather Heli 5-finger Ski Glove is a one-of-a-kind type of glove. It was designed mainly for ski instructors, free riders, patrollers and the like. Made from Hestra’s tuition fabric and Army goat leather, it is durable and provides long-lasting use.

The glove also provides you with a soft, cozy feeling on the inside. It keeps your hands warm at all times and thanks to its design, remains flexible. The Velcro closure with elastic straps provides you with easy access while keeping the heat in and the cold out.  


  • Finger dividers improve flexibility. 
  • Soft and comfy feeling on the inside.
  • Durable.
  • Easy to break in.
  • Keeps hands dry and locks out the cold. 


  • Not fully waterproof.
  • Expensive. 

Wells Lamont Men’s Deerskin Full Leather Light-Duty Driving Gloves

About the Company

Established in 1907 by W.O.Wells as The Wells Glove Company, the company had only $500 and five sewing machines. It was located in Aberdeen, Scotland. Hosiery and leather buggy whip sales dominated the first three years of the company’s existence. They were later phased out in 1910 and the company focused solely on the production of gloves. 

In 1914, Maurice Lamont joined the company and its name changed to Well Lamont. After the passing of Maurice, Wells kept the name ‘Wells Lamont’ in honor of his friend and partner. 

The Glove

The Wells Lamont Men’s Deerskin Full Leather Light-Duty Driving Glove is a great piece. It stands out as one of the best you can find. It is built to perfection and suitable for both light to medium-duty tasks. 

Its Deerskin material is one of the most flexible leather, durable, trustworthy, and comfortable to wear. Thanks to the double-shirred wrist, you can trust your favorite glove to stay firmly on your hand. Do you want ease and flexibility while using your hands? Then you’d love to try this glove. 


  • Gunn cut feature
  • Soft, comfortable, and flexible. 
  • Sweat absorbing interior.
  • Padded palm
  • Budget-friendly. 
  • Elastic double-shirred wrist. 


  • A lot of sizing issues lately. 

American Made Buffalo Leather Work Gloves

About the Company

Midwest Quality Glove Inc. began operations in the mid-1930s in South Milwaukee, though formerly as MidWest Glove Corporation. It was purchased by Joe Lambert in 1962 and relocated to Chillicothe where productions began officially in 1963. Its first products were leather gloves and leather palm gloves. 

The reorganization of the company in 1984 changed its name to Midwest Quality Glove Inc. It is proclaimed the largest manufacturer of Made In the US gloves and is best known for its fine leather productions. In addition to its leather production, the company also produces garden gloves, gears and other work equipment. 

The Glove

This wonderful glove is crafted from American bison hide. Its hemmed cuffs and keystone thumb design means it gives you the most comfortable feeling. The glove also gathers at the wrist helping you keep the first out while you work. 

If you need a glove that can offer maximum flexibility while you work, then this is your glove. It is also soft with a flexible leather exterior and has no lining. 


  • No lining.
  • Soft and comfy.
  • Keystone thumb and hemmed cuff.
  • Made in America.
  • Durable and flexible. 
  • Keeps out first.


  • Some products are too tight. 

Final Thoughts

These gloves help keep your hands warm, safe and useful during the winter. You need those hands for various works and once they are frozen up, they become of no good. If you are still confused about a choice to make, give the Hestra Army Leather Heli 5-finger Ski Glove a try. 

This list provides you with the best gloves not made in China you can use and they would surely beat your expectations. If you have gone through our buying guide, be rest assured you can now make the perfect glove selection when purchasing using those tips.