The 6 Best Hand Tools Made in USA

Everyone knows that the best hands tools are made in USA. However, as manufacturing costs went up, many proud American brands had no choice but to take their factories and produce their products offshore. But, while most American hand tool manufacturers have left the USA, there are some that continue to manufacture their products in American soil to this day.

Proud contributors to the United States economy by paying their taxes and creating jobs for Americans while also subjecting themselves to higher standards resulting in better, safer products, these US companies have remained committed to stamping their products with “Made in Americaâ€.

If you’re wondering what companies are these, then worry no more.

Below, we’ve listed the 6 best hand tools made in USA and their manufacturers.

1.  Leatherman Multitools

Hands if you thought that all multitools were called Leatherman.

The proudly American brand, which, since 1983, has produced their line of iconic multitools in Portland, Oregon, has become so synonymous with multitools that people refer to these useful tools as Leatherman and not as multitools.

If transforming your brand into a generic name for a kind of tool isn’t enough of a reason to become one of the best hand tools made in USA, then we don’t know what is.

2.  Estwing Hatchet

A family-owned business, the Estwing family has managed to keep the production of their iconic line of hammers and axes, as well as other specialty tools, inside their manufacturing plant located in Rockford, Illinois.

Of their many tools, Estwing’s camping axes are arguably their most popular.

Known officially as the Sportman’s Axe, this packable axe comes with a genuine leather grip handle. However, while that makes it look luxurious, it is its construction that makes it so reliable. Unlike other axes that are made out of two pieces or more, it’s made out of a single piece of forged steel.

As an added bonus, the Sportman’s Axe comes with its own ballistic sheath.

If you chop logs, hack at small trees and branches, or split firewood often, it’s hard to do any better than Estwing’s Sportsman’s Axe.

3.  Klein Pliers

Much like how multitools have become commonly known as “Leathermanâ€, the brand “Kleins†has become the generic term for pliers.

Arguably the only brand any electrician should ever consider, Klein pliers have produced American-made tools since 1857. However, while they have a lot of tools, it is their pliers that make them so famous.

In particular, their Lineman’s pliers are pretty much the only kind of pliers that electricians would touch.

Durable and built to last a lifetime, Kleins make pliers that can grip, twist, bend, and cut wire, as well as cable, with ease for years, and years. They also come with insulated handles for added protection.

4.  Channellock Plier Set

Kleins might have become the generic term for linemen pliers, but it’s probably only because Channellock is a mouthful.

Channellock is another proudly American brand. The company employs over 350 associates in Meadville, PA. More importantly, they have manufactured their tools in American soil for the better part of the past two centuries, having been founded way back in 1886.

Among Channellock’s numerous noteworthy products, it’s this plier set that we believe is the best.

This is a complete set of pliers. This includes 1 of each of long nose pliers, diagonal cutter pliers, slip joint pliers, as well as tongue and groove pliers. This set should have you set for most DIY and professional jobs for life.

The best part? The set comes with its own tool roll to make it easier to store and carry around.

5.  The Original Hardcore Hammer

It’s nice that the Estwings and Kleins have chosen to stick to their American roots.

They’ve been around for decades and likely will still be here when we’re all long gone. However, it’s also nice that we’re seeing some younger companies try and help out the economy by starting their own companies and keeping manufacturing in America.

Hardcore Hammers is a good example of this.

The company was started by two carpenter brothers who found themselves frustrated by not having the right kind of framing hammers. Because of this, they decided to build their own. The result? Hardcore Hammers was founded and they’ve since produced hammers, as well as hatchets, in Shawnee, Kansas.

Sure, most people likely won’t give the kind of hammer they’re using a second thought. Yet, we’re inclined to convince you to give the “Original Hammer†from Hardcore Hammers a try.

Trust us, you won’t be wanting any other hammer ever again.

6.  Vaughan Original Superbar

How and why Superbar hasn’t become a generic term for crowbars yet is beyond us.

In our eyes, it should be.

That’s just how good the “Original Superbar†by Vaughan is.

If you need to pry out some of your older wooden floorboards, or force open a stuck door, or you know, you just want to have a tool that can pretty much do it all with you on the road and at home, this is the tool that you need.

The USA-made tool is made out of forged, spring tempered steel and is powder-coated for the ultimate rust resistance to make sure that it lasts you for a lifetime.

Final Thoughts

It’s no secret that we think of something a bit better if we see the word “American-made†plastered over it.

It’s kind of like a brand in and on itself.

Unfortunately, not all “American-made†products are technically made in America. The manufacturer might be based in the United States, but the factory might not be.

This means that the materials could be or could not be sourced from the United States, but the labor definitely isn’t.

Now, there’s nothing wrong with such products, it’s just that, well, they’re not really “American-madeâ€.

The hand tools that we recommended above are.

If you’re looking for the best hand tools made in USA, then our list is for you.

Boasting top-notch craftsmanship and build quality while often being backed by lifetime guarantees, these are the hand tools that you’ll need, whether you’re a veteran in your craft, a budding professional, or just someone who likes to DIY a lot.