The 3 Best Underwear Made in USA

Anyone looking to build a complete wardrobe needs to invest in quality underwear.

Why? It’s simple. You wear your underwear first and you take it off last. This means that you’re pretty much stuck with it the entire day. But, if you’re wearing the right pair, you won’t be feeling as stuck as you would feel comfortable.

It’s for this very reason that we firmly believe that quality underwear is well worth the few extra dollars they cost.

But of course, if you’re the type who wants to have high-quality apparel and want it to be made in the USA, your search won’t be as easy as it sounds. Because, believe it or not, not all the underwear that you think is made in the USA is underwear made in USA.

Thankfully, we did the research for you.

Below, you’ll find the 3 best underwear made in USA, for both men and women, so you can get right to choosing.

1. Stance

Founded in 2009 as a sock brand, Stance saw an opportunity where people didn’t. The result? The company reportedly sold 36 million parks of socks by 2015. More importantly, Stance was named as the official sock of the NBA and MLB soon after.

But apparently, Stance didn’t want to be pigeonholed as merely a sock company. As a result, they created an entirely new line of apparel.

This time, they made underwear.

Functional, stretchy, and supportive, while also fun if not playful, Stance’s underwear comes in all sorts of designs and styles. Although comfort and breathability far both far from premium-level, they remain comfortable enough for most people.

Besides, lest we forget, what you’re really paying for here is Stance’s wide range of wild prints.

2. Carhartt

Who says that comfort and ruggedness don’t mix?

Carhartt, one of the few clothing companies that primarily source and manufacture their many clothing apparel in the United States, is a company known for creating anything that can handle the weather. Thus, it’s no surprise that their underwear can handle whatever mother nature decides to throw at you.

Temperature-wise, at least.

Whether you’re a man or a woman, the outdoors can be particularly unforgiving. As such, having flexible underwear that allows for non-constricted movement while also keeping you dry and warm, regardless of the weather, is important.

Simply put, for men and women who work outside most of the time, Carharrt has some of the best underwear made in USA.

3. Majamas Earth

These days, it’s no longer just enough for a clothing company to make quality products. In fact, for some people, it’s not even enough to make it in the USA.

In the eyes of a growing number of consumers, it’s also important to be conscious of how something is made, underwear included.

Majamas Earth is one of those companies who are pushing the boundaries of what it means to manufacture environmentally-conscious products. To that end, their bras and panties are made out of sustainable materials, including but not limited to organic cotton and/or recycled polyester.

That’s not all. Majamas Earth’s bras have no clasps, hooks, or underwire, but surprisingly enough, provide just as much support as those that do.

For ladies out there looking to reduce their carbon footprint, starting with their underwear, Majamas Earth is the way to go.

Final Thoughts

There’s more to clothes than what meets the eyes.

Underwear, in particular, needs to be comfortable. They can literally make or break your outfit, which is why we spent a lot of time looking for the best brands that make underwear that’s capable of providing you with just the right amount of support and protection that you need to get through the day.

Of course, support and protection are nothing without comfort and durability, so we made sure of that too.

We even threw in some candy as well, just in case you’re feeling adventurous and naughty.

So, what are you waiting for? Help out the local economy. Feel patriotic. Employ tax-paying US citizens.

Buy these underwear made in USA today.