The 4 Best American Made Jeans

Simple, ideal for both casual and formal events, as well as built to last, the best American made jeans are well worth their proverbial weight in gold.

The only issue is, how do you know that you’re wearing the best American made jeans?

Plenty of denim manufacturers who can trace their roots have since moved their operations out of the land of the free.

This means that, while they’re still known as American brands, their products aren’t exactly made in the United States anymore.

Luckily, not all American brands moved their manufacturing operations to other countries.

Below, we’ve rounded up 4 of the best American made jeans and their makers on the market today.

1.  Tellason

Cut and sewn in San Fransico, Tellason jeans are made in America through and through.

This includes everything, including anything from the pocketing down to the buttons and rivets. But, we’re not just recommending these jeans just for the sake of it. Rather, Tellason has warranted their inclusion.

Using Japanese Kaihara denim to guarantee exceptional quality and consistency, these raw denim jeans will fit just as well on you many years later as the day you bought it.


  • Everything is made in the United States
  • Japanese Kaihara denim material


  • Pricey

2.  Hiroshi KATO

The LA-based manufacturers are makers of some of the best American-made jeans today.

They offer jeans in a variety of fits. This includes Needle Skinny, Pen Slim (10.5OZ and 14OZ), as well as Hammers Straight.

Any single one of these four then comes in different wash colors, allowing men with particular tastes to mix and match so that they can choose the most fitting pair of jeans for their tastes on a given day.

Stretchable and comfortable without sacrificing aesthetics, Hiroshi KATO jeans might not be the cheapest, but they hold incredible value.


  • Handmade construction
  • Available in numerous colorways and varieties


  • Expensive

3.  Schaefer Outfitter Jeans

Priding themselves as the makers of “America’s Finest Ranchwearâ€, Schaefer Outfitter Jeans have designed and made their jeans straight out of their very own factories in El Paso, Texas, since 1982.

Because of their dedication to not moving their operations outside the United States, they’ve earned themselves quite the following.

The best part? Their jeans are made out of some quality stuff.

Featuring reinforced outseams, double-stitched waistbands, rear pockets, as well as rivets in their pockets, and a design that’s friendly to cowboy boots, Schaefer Outfitter Jeans are some of the best American Made jeans out there.

It’s just an added bonus that the price is among the most affordable on the market.


  • Made out of 14.5-ounce cotton denim
  • Affordable
  • Cowboy-boot-friendly


  • Doesn’t come in a variety of designs and colors

4.  Kimes Ranch Jeans

Kimes Ranch Jeans claims that their jeans are made by “real cowgirls and cowboys who know what they want out of a jean†and, true enough, they deliver.

For starters, Kimes Ranch Jeans are all made in the United States.

Take note. Like others on this list, it’s not just a part of the jeans or their product lineup. All of their products are made in America.

More importantly, Kimes Ranch Jeans claims that they use only the highest quality, heavy-weight denim for their products. This means that their jeans can only get better over time, which was the trademark quality of jeans made in years past.

As a result of their dedication to quality, Kimes Ranch claims that users can get more “life†from a single pair of their jeans from others on the market.


  • Available in a variety of sizes, designs, and fits
  • Built to stand up to the rigors of ranch life
  • Excellent fit
  • Well-priced
  • True to size measurements


  • Sacrifices fashionability a bit for better comfort and durability

Why You Should Support American Made Jeans

It’s easy to say that the best American Made jeans are better than those manufactured in other countries, but are there other reasons why you should support jeans made in the United States, even if they’re also more expensive?

1. You help create jobs

The United States has lost millions of manufacturing jobs over the past few decades.

Because of this, the more you support manufacturers that make jeans in the United States, the more jobs you help save and/or generate.

2. Save the environment

When buying products made in other countries, you have to pay for them to be shipped to the United States, which, not only costs money, but also burns fuel that can damage the environment. Not to mention, other countries don’t have the same regulations in place that protect the environment.

3. Ethically-made

When you buy American made jeans, you guarantee that it’s not being made in inhumane conditions by someone who’s overworked and underpaid, as well as underaged.

In American factories, workers have rights and are protected by numerous laws and regulations.

4. Economical

By buying the best American made jeans, you’re saving both the economy and your wallet.

Why is that? Well, for starters, even if American made jeans are usually many times more expensive, they also last more. This is because they’re made out of better-quality materials and follow stricter standards. Some are even made by hand, or at least, inspected closely by hand, for quality assurance purposes.

So, instead of buying multiple jeans every couple of months or years or so, you can have a pair of jeans that can even last your lifetime.

The best part? Most American made jeans tend to fit better after multiple uses.

Final Thoughts

American made jeans are some of the most beloved items in the United States.

While it’s true that the most popular brands have long since moved their manufacturing to other areas outside of the country, there are some that continue to serve its patrons, and we’re thankful for them. Not only does keeping operations within the United States help guarantee a better fit, fabric, and quality, but it also means that you’re investing in the workers of America.

So, what are you waiting for?

Invest in the best American made jeans today and see the difference.